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Evaporator Weather Stations

"Drift Sentinel” : A Smart Solution for Evaporator Control 

Take control of your industrial environment with the RWI Drift Sentinel

Evaporators are widely used in various industries to remove water from liquid waste streams. However, operating evaporators can be challenging due to changing weather conditions, time of day, and sunlight intensity. Manual control of evaporators can be inefficient, costly, and labor-intensive.

That's why we developed Drift Sentinel, a smart device that automates the control of evaporators and monitors their performance. Drift Sentinel can adjust the flow rate, pressure, and spray pattern of evaporators according to the environmental conditions and the water level in the pond. Drift Sentinel can also communicate with SCADA systems using modbus tcp/ip protocol, allowing remote access and control of evaporators.

Drift Sentinel is easy to install, configure and maintain. It can help you optimize your evaporator operation, reduce water consumption, save energy, and improve environmental compliance. Drift Sentinel is the ultimate solution for evaporator control.

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What is the Drift Sentinel?

The Drift Sentinel weather station is a new, easier-to-use, more powerful device for controlling and monitoring the behavior of your RWI Enhanced Evaporators. It also provides full weather monitoring via industry-standard Davis weather head.Unit behavior can be programmed individually or programmed as a group with the press of a button. This behavior includes:

  • Overspray reduction - Turns off when the wind is blowing a certain direction or speed. This function can help reduce or eliminate overspray caused by wind.
  • Scheduling - Runs autonomously at a present schedule.
  • Rain Pause - Stops unit operation during precipitation events to conserve energy during rain.
  • Freeze Protection - Stops units during freezing weather. 
  • This Drift Sentinel system also allows displays the status and speed of the fans and pumps attached to your RWI evaporators. This information can be viewed on the HMI (human machine interface) or via a SCADA system.

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