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Evaporator Weather Stations

The Weather Station for evaporators turns the pump on or off depending on wind speed and/or wind direction which helps control overspray. This saves valuable time and resources by not requiring an employee to monitor the evaporator as well as increases the run time of the evaporator. All wind speed, wind direction and timers are easy to program on-site to fit your application.

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Weather Station

Use of the Weather Station to control aerosol drift:

The Weather Station can be set up to turn off the water pump to stop spraying when conditions exist where loss of plume control could take place. After site conditions are examined, the weather station has two parameters that can be programmed into its operation by the client.

Condition 1 is the maximum wind speed that the site can still evaporate; this is directly related to the length and width of the impoundment. Condition 2 is an additional cut off that will take into consideration the direction and the wind speed for cut off action. This allows the client to program a second lower wind speed cut off for site-specific civil conditions that require a lower speed cut off from a specific direction.

For Example:

20 MPH cut off is common for a lot of sites since at that point the 150 micron and smaller droplets are surely leaving all but the largest sites. However, if the company parking lot is directly east of the impoundment about 400 feet, the second parameter can be set up to cut off at 6 MPH (or any speed that is required) to keep from coating the surrounding area with dry aerosol.

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