Produced Water Evaporation System

RWI Enhanced Evaporation has engineered water evaporation systems to serve the needs of the oil & gas industry using patent-pending technology. Lower operating expenses and improved performance are our biggest commitments to reducing the overall cost of dealing with wastewater and the increasingly expensive cost of disposal.

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Produced Water Solutions

The 2.0 series evaporators and varied utilization methods allow RWI Enhanced Evaporation to handle any and all evaporation challenges the oil & gas industry faces. The 2.0 series evaporators eliminate unwanted water quickly and efficiently with lower operating expenses than typical water removal solutions.

By using our produced water evaporation systems, it will reduce truck traffic and will allow water facilities to concentrate their wastewater to heavy brine for resale in the industry. Our evaporators are very successful at managing water levels or taking a pond to dry while saving companies money on energy costs and disposal fees. Our evaporators are engineered to protect the environment by keeping contaminents of the water from leaving the pond. The droplets created by our evaporators are designed to shrink but not dry out in flight.

Salt Water Disposal Wells benefit greatly from the use of pond-based evaporators by hyper concentrating the liquids prior to injecting. By doing this, the liquid provides the greatest return to injection well CAPEX and extends the life of the normal SWD by 10X its present life.





Why Evaporate for Oil & Gas Applications?

Resource West's evaporation products are sure to save you money in your oil and gas application. Compared to other methods of removing produced water, evaporation is less costly, gives complete control of pollution plume, and allows a wide range of water qualities to be processed.


Industry Requirements

Resource West's evaporators are fully compliant with oil and gas industry regulations and help with zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Our evaporators can take a pond to dry, saving companies money on trucking out water.

Our evaporators save companies in the oil and gas industry money with low maintenance requirements, meaning less time and money spent on employees cleaning and maintaining machinery. The average time between failure is 8-10 years. Additionally, the typical cost is .001 cents per barrel destroyed.


Why Choose Resource West?

  • Faster return on investments
  • Lowest maintenance
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Lowest infrastructure investment

Current Oil & Gas Evaporation Projects

Resource West provides evaporation systems for a variety of Oil & Gas projects located in the Permian Basin region of western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Our evaporators are also in use for oil and gas applications across the country. Examples of our current projects include:

  • Pecos, Texas: Two ponds with 10 RWI Enhanced Evaporation Apex 2.0 evaporators
  • Hobbs, New Mexico: Three ponds with 12 RWI Enhanced Evaporation Apex 2.0 evaporators
  • Williston Basin
  • Green River Basin
  • Denver Basin
  • Powder River Basin
  • Uinta Basin


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