Landshark 2.0 Industrial Land Based Evaporator

The Landshark 2.0 Industrial Land Based Evaporator was designed for use in larger evaporation ponds or areas where overspray is less of a concern. (Evaporation rates depend greatly on weather conditions such as ambient temperatures, relative humidity, wind speed, etc.)

Evaporation Reinvented. Landshark 2.0 industrial land based pond sprayer offers increased evaporation rates using 80% less power than other trajectory evaporators on the market.

Landshark 2.0 Wastewater Evaporation Unit Features:
  • Reduced energy consumption while improving the evaporation rate compared to our legacy Landshark
  • Lowest cost per gallon evaporated
  • Patented center spray lance design for proper air to water mixture
  • Skid mounted for ease of mobility – Floating mount available
  • VFD controls add operational flexibility to your site


12 Months parts & labor

Advanced innovation - The Landshark 2.0 is covered by multiple patents


  • Stainless steel fan casing
  • Composite impeller, inlet cone, and outlet cone
  • Epoxy coated yolk and skid
  • MSHA approved fan safety guards



  • Complete control of the droplet sizes and trajectory lengths for maximum pollution plume mitigation
  • Control of dry aerosol particles is easily handled with the customization of both trajectory speeds and droplet sizes
  • Control over airflow and water flow to provide exceptional regulation over pollution plume and drift

With the ability to control droplet size in real time, the Landshark 2.0 industrial land based evaporator offers a superior control of dry aerosol plume.

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Designed To Meet State & Federal Regulations

RWI Enhanced Evaporation evaporators are engineered to help you meet the health and environmental standards, regardless of your project's geographic location or industry application. Our clients can be assured that RWI Enhanced Evaporation equipment adheres to regulatory requirements outlined by the following entities:

  • EPA Particulate Matter Standards
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Regulations
  • Federal, State and Local Permits
  • Industry Regulations
  • Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Regulations

Landshark 2.0 Applications

Mining Operations:

Both active and legacy mines can utilize the Landshark 2.0 trajectory evaporator to handle the disposal of wastewater and mine drainage waters. Open pit mines can benefit from Landshark 2.0 trajectory evaporators by handling stormwater disposal as well as groundwater infiltration disposal.

Oil & Gas:

Oil & Gas water handling facilities can deploy trajectory-based evaporators to reduce disposal costs drastically.


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RWI Enhanced Evaporation offers a wide selection of accessories and add-ons to ensure our evaporation systems can meet your wastewater requirements.

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