RE: (PRESS RELEASE) COVID-19 Business Continuation and Service Update

Present and Future Customers,

Rest assured that we understand how important our services and equipment are to your operations and we take that responsibility seriously. We will continue to operate as normal especially since we support “Essential Critical Infrastructure” as identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Over the last month we have taken the following critical actions:

  1. We have met with our suppliers to ensure we can minimize supply chain disruptions and continue to deliver product on time.
  2. We continue to honor warranty and service requests on customer locations and within our Service department.
  3. We are increasing the supply of rental units in our inventory.
  4. Our Production facilities are ramping up to meet additional capacity and we are adding equipment to increase production capabilities.
  5. Our Production, Administration, and Research/Development facilities are practicing social distancing and we are moving to increased utilization of WebEx and teleconferencing with customers.
  6. We have implemented increased (Covid-19) safety precautions during field install and support operations.
  7. Additional cleaning measures have been implemented companywide to include our rental and newly constructed equipment to ensure customer and employee safety.
  8. R&D Update: Due to the ongoing pathogen containment challenge we have accelerated our world-class pathogen protection systems project. Both the Public Outdoor Space systems and well as the Large Indoor Venue systems are based on our rock-solid Dust Control and Micronutrient sprayer apparatus. We are pushing these systems into the Pathogen Protection market as fast as our facilities can go!

We will continue to monitor local, state, and federal government guidance and will inform you if there are changes that will impact our ability to service our customers. Please take care of yourself and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


David L. Johnson

Executive VP, RWI

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