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Wastewater Evaporation Considerations

There are many variables in reviewing prospective sites and determining the correct evaporation unit for each site. By collecting specific information, we are able to customize and select the perfect 2.0 Evaporation series for your site.

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  1. Does the site have an existing pit or under construction? Where is the source of the wastewater located?

RWI Enhanced Evaporation can assist in site plans if at the beginning phases of the project. We also evaluate existing pits/ponds for optimal evaporation. We use specific weather data to determine our evaporation calculations for enhanced evaporation at site locations.

  1. What is the volume of water you want removed?

Using either the Landshark 2.0 or APEX 2.0 our Wastewater evaporation units remove large volumes of water throughout the year.

  1. Chemical make-up of the water?

Each site is different from another and so is the wastewater it produces. Whether the water contains high concentration of solids or extreme high pH levels our equipment is designed to handle the harsh chemicals and make-up of any type of water.

  1. Source of Power?

Whether using single or three-phase electric power, grid or generator power the 2.0 Wastewater evaporators are the lowest power consuming units on the market. Both the Landshark 2.0 and APEX 2.0 operate using a 5HP motor; this is drastically reduced from our former units which ran on 25HP. This kind of reduction in power consumption instantly provides savings at any site.

  1. Drift and overspray concerns?

RWI Enhanced Evaporation offers two options in forms of ballistic trajectory evaporator with our Landshark 2.0 or the down draft pond surface evaporator with our APEX 2.0. Both units were designed with superior control over dry aerosol molecular pollution plume drift. By using both the airflow velocity and trajectory, RWI Enhanced Evaporation delivers a droplet that will not dry out in flight ensuring wastewater ion contamination is concentrated and returned to the impoundment.  This mitigates the environmental damage that is associated with drying out water droplets in flight.

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