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RWI, Inc. Announces the Purchase of PCI Manufacturing, LLC Assets

Grand Junction, CO – January 27, 2016. RWI, Inc., through the wholly-owned subsidiary PCI Manufacturing Solutions, LLC, announced today the acquisition of certain manufacturing assets of PCI Manufacturing, LLC. Resource West also acquires exclusive rights and options to a 155,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sulphur Springs, TX.

PCI Manufacturing Solutions will produce a broad range of products including large capacity mobile storage ponds, various vac-trailers and fluid hauling solutions, frac tanks, specialized cold storage tanks, industrial fencing, construction equipment, waste and landfill equipment, mining equipment and a variety of other products – both standard and specialized. Matthew Hanna, the former CEO of PCI Manufacturing, LLC who will be the Executive Vice President and General Manager of PCI Manufacturing Solutions commented “Quality and customer satisfaction will always be engrained in our culture. We will diligently strive to exceed expectations and deliver the highest quality and value-added products in the market. While there are several manufacturing facilities to choose from, our ability to handle highly specialized and custom products gives us a significant advantage over our competitors.” Along with Mr. Hanna, all of the key upper management and key plant production personnel will be hired to ensure the continued quality of the finished products. The manufacturing plant is scheduled to begin production February 1, 2016.

“Our team is thoroughly excited about the opportunity to expand product offerings through PCI Manufacturing Solutions” noted Jack Hays, President and CEO of RWI. “This business provides an extensive, innovative and diverse manufacturing platform to meet a variety of customer requests. Our culture has always been about integrity, trust and doing the right thing – we look forward to establishing many new client relationships and proving the value and service we bring to them is exceptional.”

In addition to already having a solid and reputable manufacturing facility, PCI Manufacturing Solutions will pursue completion of the coveted ISO 9001 manufacturing certification. Allowing PCI Manufacturing Solutions the ability to compete for various government and military contracts, international sales and produce a wide array of products which require a keen sense of detail and attention.

RWI and PCI Manufacturing Solutions will extend service beyond simply supplying products. Together, the companies will diligently focus on exceptional service and support to continually improve products with the newest, most efficient and reliable innovations. The mutual goal is to optimize and maximize operations for clients. RWI and PCI Manufacturing Solutions work to identify savings through improved product life, reduced maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption - all combined to improve the bottom line for clients. Above all, first-class service with industry leading safety is the highest priority.

About RWI, Inc.:

RWI, Inc. operates four primary business segments including enhanced evaporation equipment (used in the oil & gas industry, waste & landfill industry, food processing, solar industry, chemical plants, power generation and other water management needs), high-capacity mobile fluid storage solutions up to 2.1 million gallons, dust control systems, scrubber systems, and various MSHA approved industrial mine and tunneling ventilation systems. RWI has clients in 32 states within the US and in 19 countries throughout the world. Our products are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and standards supported by outstanding customer service and dedication to clients. RWI is headquartered in Grand Junction, CO.

About PCI Manufacturing Solutions, LLC (

PCI Manufacturing Solutions, LLC is a high volume, specialized custom fabrication facility. The company is located in a 155,000 square foot manufacturing building enabling the production of a wide variety of products. Products include high-capacity mobile fluid storage ponds, vac-trailier, bobtails, mud tanks, frac tanks, acid tanks, mixing tanks, cold storage tanks, various high-strength industrial fencing products, construction equipment, waste and landfill equipment, mining equipment and other items. With a combined manufacturing experience of over 100 years, the company is able to meet custom, special orders and provide innovative solutions. PCI Manufacturing Solutions is headquartered in Sulphur Springs, TX.

For further information, contact:

PCI Manufacturing Solutions, LLC
Matthew Hanna, EVP & GM
+1 (844) 526-5440

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