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Process Water Evaporation Systems

Evaporation is being considered as an alternative in an increasing number of processed water treatment applications. Manufacturing processes that have large liquid waste streams often find themselves unable to reduce volumes for cost effective safe disposal.

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Processed Water

RWI Enhanced Evaporation's process water evaporation system, Landshark 2.0 and APEX 2.0, are designed to handle the most aggressive water.

Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and marine grade aluminum alloys, our process water evaporation system can perform with any biological oxygen demand or chemical oxygen demand. The RWI Enhanced Evaporation 2.0 series system will reduce volumes and save disposal costs. The Landshark 2.0 and APEX 2.0 are designed to reduce water with high evaporation rates while keeping dry aerosol pollution onsite, using the lowest power consumption.

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