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Venue Sanitation & Decontamination Sprayer

RWI Enhanced Evaporation has developed new technology in venue sanitation and decontamination sprayers, PathogenSafe™. The Coronavirus outbreak has created the need for more intense sanitation protocols and COVID-19 disinfecting equipment to protect businesses and their employees, customers, and guests. Read our official press release here.


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As businesses and venues such as shopping malls and water parks begin to open in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, thorough sanitation and decontamination are more important than ever to maintain healthy environments and protect against the spread of germs and pathogens. For essential businesses like grocery stores or outdoor locations like parks, it is crucial to protect patrons and employees alike with large-scale sanitizing in combination with following recommendations from the CDC.

For sanitizing high-touch public areas, look to our newest technology, the Pathogensafe™ public disinfectant sprayer.

About our Venue Sanitation Sprayers

Our new pathogen control sprayer systems provide the optimal concentration ratio for maximum pathogen control and disinfecting where you need it most. RWI Enhanced Evaporation has developed this venue decontamination sprayer to have the lowest energy consumption of any similar systems on the market to date.

The PathogenSafe™ venue sanitation sprayer is unique in its ability to cast and cover, thanks to its high efficiency variable frequency drive fans and high pressure fogging jets. The fans create the turbulence and distribution of the sanitizer without regard to shadowing blocked areas normally found in using weed sprayers or pressurized dirt systems. The fan delivery system works to evenly coat all surfaces with the sanitizer, allowing the surface to get much closer to 100 percent coverage than the present application models.

RWI Enhanced Evaporation offers the PathogenSafe™ Sanitation System in two models for clients' requirements. Both models are identical in the ability to reduce pathogen counts over large areas. However, the first model handles large outdoor public spaces requiring sanitization daily or weekly, while the second model has a lower trajectory of spray to allow medium to small indoor venues like walking malls or college campus common spaces to have the pathogen counts reduced regularly as well as to reduce the chance of pathogen transfer between members of the public. 


Self Contained Pathogen Control Systems

  • Able to mount to many different vehicles
  • Delivery of CL₂ or H₂O₂
  • Sprayers have the widest application area available
  • Automation systems with timers
PathogenSafe Sanitation System

PathogenSafe™ Public Sanitizing Sprayer

The PathogenSafe™ Sanitation System is uniquely suited to do large area sanitation of public venues. The automated truck, tractor, golf cart, walking engine mountable sprayer is at its finest servicing on school playgrounds, federal, state, county and city parks anywhere, minimizing valuable employees' and guests' exposure to pathogens along with lowering public risk of both pathogen contact and breaking the passive transmission cycle. 

The PathogenSafe™ public disinfectant sprayer can handle any of the four major sanitizer formulas, alcohol, ammonia, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide. RWI Enhanced Evaporation offers two chemicals mixed and branded for client use. 


Available Formulations

Our Sodium Hypochlorite product is sold in a concentrate in both 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers. The product is sold as PathogenKill Hypochlorite™ and is a concentrate allowing a 200 to 1 dilution for commercial use. A 1 minute contact time kills Adenovirus, Rotavirus, Canine Parvovirus, Hepatitis A virus, Poliovirus Type 1, Rhinovirus Type 37, Feline calicivirus, and the Novel Coronavirus presently in circulation.

Our Quaternary Ammonium / Isopropanol product is sold in concentrations in both 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers. The product is sold as PathogenKill Ammonium™ and is a concentrate allowing a 50 to 1 dilution. This offers a 3 minute kill on the Novel Coronavirus as well as a long list of normal pathogens.

Venue Decontamination Sprayer Applications


Public and private golf courses, country clubs, football clubs and walking malls, as well as many other large public spaces require sanitation and disinfecting regularly to reduce the probability of pathogen contact transfer through the CDC sanitation reduction methodology.

Our newest COVID-19 venue sanitation sprayer technology can be used in high touch applications such as:

  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Sports complexes
  • Convention centers
  • Airports
  • College campuses
  • Hotels
  • Retail centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Businesses and clerical buildings

The PathogenSafe™ is effective in sanitizing these areas and high-touch points, such as grocery carts, park benches, water fountains, playground equipment, gas pumps, and more that could have come into contact with pathogens.

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Public Disinfectant Sprayer

View our new COVID-19 venue sanitation system in action in the following images. For more imagery on all of our products, please click the link below.

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Public Sanitation System

Pathogen Disinfectant Sprayers

No matter your application, we are dedicated to helping you keep the things that are most important to you safe and sanitized. Request a quote on a public disinfectant sprayer for parks, grocery stores, and businesses today to help slow the spread of germs and illness in your area with spraying technology.

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